Dave Myllymaki

My name is Dave Myllymaki and I’m the founder of ReNew Creations, LLC. Our construction and remodeling company will build your project right! On Target, On Time and On Budget.

Creating personalized living spaces that fit the lifestyles of my clients is a passion for me. Home is such an important place…for each of us it should be where we go for comfort, for peace and for personal enjoyment.

Some of my earliest and fondest memories include working alongside my Dad and my Grandpa to renovate our New England home, turning it into a better place to live. Along the way, I learned from the “old-timers” about what works in the building trades, and also what doesn’t. What makes a house become a home. How materials should fit and be blended together.

“They don’t build them like they used to” is a common phrase – often taken negatively. I agree with the statement, but not always with the sentiment. Much has changed and continues to change in the way we build. There are reasons for that. As technology continues to advance, new products are introduced to the market, and as we learn more about Building Science, we constantly find ways to make our homes healthier, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

For over 25 years I’ve been a part of the building industry in Clark County, Washington. I’ve learned a lot and established relationships with some of the best people in the building trades and throughout the industry here. When you hire ReNew Creations you benefit from the cumulative knowledge our team of professionals brings with it!

I love the process of building and I look forward to hearing about your project! Whatever your needs are my goal will be to earn your trust, to guide you comfortably through the design and construction process, and to create a lasting friendship with you.

Let’s talk soon!