Josh Kulla

Josh Kulla grew up doing a lot of different things. From following his dad around at construction sites as a youngster, to assembling work for a few months, and then concrete work, painting, and landscaping. That’s a lot of different jobs he’s had to learn along the way.

Now, at Renew Creations, he’s learning even more.

“It’s a good variety,” Kulla said. “I’m not doing one thing all day. You work through the whole process, a lot of new challenges, and you learn a lot. Every project you learn something new.”

Kulla had worked with Josh Holmgren and then followed him to Renew Creations when Holmgren became a partner at Renew Creations. Similar to a production foreman, Kulla does a little bit of everything. From demolition, production work, giving subcontractors direction, and finish work and trim work, Kulla is required to use every bit of his knowledge base.

Kulla is married and has a son and enjoys all things outdoor: riding dirtbikes, hiking, and camping. He and his wife own some property that they work on during their free time.