Kirsten Wilson

Coming from an educational background, Kirsten Wilson knows how to keep things organized. Which is a big help in her position as the Project Designer/Office Manager for Renew Creations. In addition to bookkeeping and other office duties, Wilson helps clients put their thoughts and ideas together into a cohesive design.

Once the contract is signed, Kirsten will get together with the clients to map out a design strategy. Although she prefers a rustic style, Kirsten always follows the lead of the clients to deliver the style they want. In fact, it’s one of the aspects she likes most about the job: learning what the client wants and then giving it to them.

Before coming to Renew Creations, Kirsten was a “toddler teacher,” educating one-year-olds, and in her free time, Kirsten likes hanging with her friends and doing anything that gets her outside.