Kristi Myllymaki

I’m Kristi Myllymaki, Dave’s partner in life as well as in business. Here at ReNew Creations I concentrate on the Marketing side of the business, which perfectly matches my schooling and work experience! While attending St. Cloud State University in Minnesota I earned a degree in Marketing – which in my opinion is the most fun and creative degree that the School of Business offers. For years afterwards I worked in corporate marketing with some great companies, but that is the past and ReNew Creations is our present, and you – our future.

Marketing is communication, plain and simple. At ReNew Creations, I work to keep you, our clients and potential clients, informed. This means sharing: what is taking place in the industry, trends in remodeling, new home improvement ideas and helpful hints when remodeling. This information can be found on our Blog, Facebook page, and Pinterest virtual bulletin boards. (Links to each can be found at the bottom of this page.) We are committed to communicating with you through every step of your project to ensure that it runs smoothly. We will be on target, on budget, and on time. You can count on ReNew Creations to see you through from the dream phase to the final details as you move into your exciting new living space!

As the daughter of a high school shop teacher, I learned about building early in life. Many memorable Saturday mornings were spent with my Dad receiving freshly cut pieces of wood off the backside of a table saw, holding the other end of the board, or handing him the tool that was just out of reach. When I was young, my Dad completed a 500 square foot addition on our home with the entire family helping and living through it together. As a funny sidenote, I can say I have practiced the piano at the foot of my parents’ bed, as that was the only place to store our spinet temporarily. My Dad taught me, just as his Dad taught him, and construction is part of my legacy.

I am blessed. Being married to Dave with a family of four who are quickly becoming young adults, we’re committed to each other and to our home life.

We realize that a house is made of materials that are just commodities: lumber, nails, drywall and paint – but a home involves so much more! It’s an honor and a privilege to work with our clients – to help make their homes a truly personalized space suited to their needs and the life they want.

One of my favorite life illustrations is from the book “At Home in Mitford” by Jan Karon and it pertains to the project you are contemplating today. Do you know why leaves come off the trees in the fall? They do not simply turn brown and fall off; rather, it is the bud of new growth of the coming spring that pushes them out and makes room for what is to come. So, as you embark on your project, don’t be discouraged by the empty space, the dust, and the loss of what was – instead, focus on what is to come, and it will BE even better than it ever was before. I promise.

Looking forward to getting to know you & working together!