Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? You’ve probably got a lot of ideas to make your space even better; but here are a few anticipated trends for this year according to 3 designers featured on we’d like to pass along.

1. Furniture-style design features. Consider incorporating furniture aspects into your kitchen island. “Raising it on legs or including intricate paneling or a contrasting top and sides are ways of turning this into a piece to be proud of,” says Greg Natale, interior designer.

Kitchen Island by ReNew Creations Vancouver WA

2. Airy (and user-friendly), open shelving. “We are seeing a trend toward using open shelving as a practical solution for the kitchen space, rather than simply for display,” says Sydney kitchen designer, Kesha Pillay, of Art of Kitchens. The change here is about function paired with beauty.

Airy User Friendly Open Shelving

3. Wallpaper. Yup, wallpaper is making a comeback – expect to see it not only on walls, but in unusual uses including on ceilings. “Wallpaper provides an easy way to add visual impact, even in small amounts,” says kitchen and bathroom designer, Lee Hardcastle.

Kitchen Wallpaper Installed by ReNew Creations Vancouver WA

4. Modern traditional style. This means kitchens will be more warm, homey and personal, rather than sleek and elegant. Some expected trends are: Shaker Doors (plain square panels of wood with wood framing), the use of mixed materials- such as wood with stainless steel or wood with marble, and brushed nickel or pewter hardware.

Traditional Style Kitchen Design Vancouver WA

5. Ceilings that make you look up. Elements that give this upturn in kitchens are unique lighting selections and coffered ceilings. Including ceiling details into your kitchen can make your design more complete.

6. Warm toned metals. While we might not see a complete departure from Stainless Steel, silver and chrome – we can expect to see the addition of copper, gold and bronze in 2015. These are welcome additions that complement most palettes selected. Designers are especially excited to see gold faucets return as a touch of luxury.

Warm Toned Metal Faucet

7. Minimal wall cabinets. Fewer wall cabinets can give a kitchen an open and airy quality and can lend itself to incorporating new windows into a kitchen for greater natural light. While this aspect of the 2015 kitchen is trending, the need for cupboard space and the size of the kitchen can take precedent.

Minimal Wall Cabinets by ReNew Creations Vancouver WA

8. Tribal-inspired tones. “Color tones will likely shift to echo the diversity of nature, with inspiration drawn from the rich, bold Moroccan and Native American palette,” predicts Hardcastle. This includes mustard yellow, deep scarlet, royal blue and dirty pink.

Tribal Inspired Kitchen Color Tones

9. Vertical-joint wood paneling. “It’s a dynamic, eye-catching way of introducing detail to a space, enlivening an expanse of one color and using angles to bring a little movement to surfaces,” says Natale. Such paneling would be well served in cabinetry or ceilings.

Vertical Joint Wood Paneling

10. Repetitive patterns. Backsplashes are the perfect place to utilize repetitive patterns in tiles. Look for art-deco or art-noveau tiles to accent your kitchen with your own repetitive style.

Repetitive Backsplash Patterns

When considering any kitchen remodel, the key is to update with what fits your personal style, needs, budget and helps put your home’s best foot forward. Let us at ReNew Creations LLC – help you design and build the kitchen of your dreams.

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