This project of ours became a lovely french country style kitchen. Custom cabinets painted a striking darker blue match the light blue walls and tile backsplash. You can see the cabinet on the far right on the image has been modified to allow for cook books to be more easily stored. Similarly we’ve included one glass door cabinet to allow some of the family’s glassware to be more easily displayed. All the appliances and built-ins that have been added appropriately match the space. Nothing feels too cramped. I personally love what the owner has done, contrasting the blues of the kitchen cabinets and wall with the reds of a kitchenaid mixer and tea kettle. A quaint yet striking kitchen plan, unique to the homeowner’s fun style.

Whole House Remodel

We will only be focusing on how we changed the kitchen of this particular home, but if you’d like to see more of the work we did to make this house beautiful, check out our portfolio.

This kitchen features a solid stainless steel butler-style sink. These sinks have been growing in popularity lately, even if your home has yet to hire the butler himself. The kitchen also features a tasteful small tile backsplash with a collection of hooks under the cabinetry to hang spoons and spatulas, a cute way to minimize the clutter without making one drawer impossible hard to open.

West Hills of Portland beautiful kitchen remodel

This West Hills of Portland home has had some serious work done by Renew Construction. We’ve put backlit shelves and underlit backsplashes to help keep this otherwise dark colored room bright and open. The white marble countertops and white cabinets are beautifully contrasted by the dark gray brick-style tiling of the backsplash

The kitchen island was custom made, including a live wood edge custom counter surface (which can just be made out in the bottom left-hand corner of the second picture) that we shaped and lacquered ourselves prior to installation.

Metropolitan Modern Whole Home Remodel


While our talented designers did fully remodel this home, they spent much of their time in the combination living and dining space that is the Great Room. This space now includes an incredible custom kitchen island. Just look at that picture! With a raised, semi-circular bar-stool-ready counter on one side, and a five range stove on the other with a large bank of drawers to keep all your important kitchen tools, this island will be far from deserted. We included a beautiful stainless steel “foot” to keep the bottom of the island from looking unsightly.

These kitchens are merely examples of the work Renew has already accomplished in creating beautiful custom living spaces. If you can imagine it for your kitchen, we can help you make it a reality! Give us a call today and we’ll send one of our talented designers to survey your space!