KitchenAid Stainless Steel Oven

Kitchen-Aid Black Ice Stainless Steel Oven

Kitchen Appliances provide not only function, but also fashion or style for your cooking area. I had the privilege of talking with Kelley Babcock, a salesperson from DeWhitt Appliance near Portland’s Airport and learned about many of the new aspects of Kitchen Appliances for this year. Kelley had recently attended a trade-show and was willing to pass along a “peek under the tent” to me, so that I could pass it along to you.


KitchenAid will be the first in the industry to launch “Black Ice” Stainless Steel appliances this spring. Similar to traditional stainless steel (which is still available), Black Stainless will offer its own style statement to kitchens of the future. Black is the new stainless for 2015.

Note: Traditional Stainless Steel and White Ice (White appliances with Stainless Steel accents ) are still available from KitchenAid also.


GE Cafe French Door Refrigerator

GE Cafe French Door Refrigerator

GE Café French Door Refrigerators currently have technology to provide both Hot and Cold water and both crushed and cubed ice from the door, but this Spring will also add a Keurig K-Cup brewing system too. An LCD touch screen on the front dispenser makes this possible.

In other news on the GE Refrigerator front, GE anticipates releasing a refrigerator with USB port capability that access remotely from your smart-phone and determine whether or not you need to pick up milk on your way home. One shelf in the refrigerator will have a weight sensitive sensor and can let you know when you are running low.

Wall Ovens

GE Cafe French Door Oven

GE Cafe French Door Oven

The GE Café French Door Wall Oven is commercial kitchen inspired and allows you to open both oven doors at the same time with one hand.

GE even has wall ovens with connected Wi-fi technology that you can program from your cell phone. Ever wish you could get the oven heating as you stop to pick up a “Take & Bake” pizza? Now you can. In addition, you can set the timer, change the temperature or check the timer on your meal in the oven. What will they think of next?

Induction Cook-top

Have you ever seen an Induction Cook-top demonstrated? It is remarkable. The cooktop provides precise temperature control by transferring the heat to the cookware turning it into the heat source rather that warming up the cooking surface.

Kelley Babcock showed me this by placing a metal saucepan of tap water on top of an appliance catalog (about the same thickness as a magazine) placed on one of the burners and started the Jenn-Air Induction cooktop. The water was boiling in no time, yet the catalog although a bit warm to the touch, was not scorched! When Kelly turned the burner down to simmer, the water responded immediately and went from rolling boil to simmer in nothing flat. This demonstration convinced me that we will be hearing about a lot more Induction Cook-tops in the future.

Jenn-Air Induction Cook Top

Jenn-Air Induction Cook Top

The new look and function of kitchen appliances this year is professional kitchen inspired but blended with details to make them personal kitchen friendly. Kelley Babcock welcomed my questions and readily shared his knowledge of major appliances and brands that my visit to DeWhitt Appliance an enjoyable one. (DeWhitt Appliance is located on Airport Way and 122nd, near the Portland Airport.)

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