Clark County’s Real Estate market is experiencing a high demand for homes and increasing prices…

…so it is no wonder that its residents are turning more and more to home remodeling as a solution. In addition, viable lots and land are becoming scarce in Clark County, resulting in the growing popularity of whole-home remodels. Remodeling allows owners to take exisitng homes and re-create them into the s[ace that fits their needs.

These trends go much deeper than what colors to use or materials to build with. Three major remodeling trends for 2018 are:

  • Accessibility
  • Improving Older Homes
  • ADUs – Accessory Dwelling Units


Instead of finding a “final” home so to speak, many homeowners are looking to make their current homes more accessible for later in life. They understand that even though mobility issues may not be a concern now, planning for the future will ensure they won’t have to worry about it if they incorporate it into their remodel project today.

This could mean any number of things: wider doorways, zero-barrior bathrooms and showers (which are beautiful, practical and wheelchair accessible), hardwood floors or luxury vinyl plank flooring, low-pile carpeting, a minimum threshold exterior door (great for moving furniture or luggage in & out and accessible for anyone) or removing walls to open up the floor plan.

Often times, we at ReNew Creations will encourage the addition of simple things in any remodel to make accesibility seamless for years to come.

This might include: enlarging doorways, adding fortifided framing to walls in new bathrooms to allow for future grip bars or even lowering a portion of kitchen countertop to allow someone to sit and use the space. We can help you incorporate minor changes that can make your home accessible for years to come.

Improving Older Homes

Finding viable land or lots to build a dream home on in Clark County has become increasingly difficult. This often leads to searches that drag on for months and often result in people realizing they may not have to start from scratch.

Instead, it may be easier for a home buyer to find an older home in a favorable area and take the money they were planning on spending for a lot and construction of a new home and put it into the complete remodel of an existing home. Older homes are often on larger lots and, in some cases, the “bones” of the building are still in good shape.

In this situation a home buyer is only limited by his or her imagination and budget. ReNew Creations can help with both.

We can turn smaller rooms into a large master suite, knock out a wall to design an open concept kitchen/living area, and even take everything down to the studs and starting from scratch allow the home buyers to put their mark on the “new” home.

What’s more, if you contact us upfront, we can help you know if your dreams can be contained within your total budget before you have signed on the dotted line of a prospective home.

This type of remodel is easier for those who can “think outside the lines” but if you have a bit of trouble with that, we can create virtual “rooms” and views of your new old home and help you bring your dreams into clear view.

Accessory Dwelling Units

One of the newest industry trends in Clark County and surrounding areas has been the addition of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to the building lexicon. These can be basements that have been turned into apartments, self-reliant additions to the existing home, and even smaller homes built on the same lot.

All of these examples can serve different purposes: create an income property, space where an older family member can move in to help take care of the children & to be closer to family or a provide a fledgling adult child independence and a separate space. Each ADU will have its own kitchen, bathroom, dining and living areas, and separate entrances.

Detached homes, called tiny homes, have the added aspect of privacy as there are no shared walls. While there is currently still some debate about how these ADUs fit in rural Clark County, urban areas are already seeing an increase in these homes.

Rest assured, ReNew Creations can help you plan an ADU as we have already met with county officials and proposed some ideas to help with local requirements on ADUs in both urban and rural Clark County.

The trend for 2018 remodeling is to go big. Long-term plans are major factors in these decisions, whether it be to incorporate lifestyle changes or as a way to help with the mortgage. It may even be that you can’t find the home, land or best solution for housing you want.

No matter your situation, Renew Creations can design and build the home that best suits you. We have over 25 years of remodeling and new home building experience and will work with you from dream to reality.

Contact us today!