In years gone by, when a person was interesting in remodeling a kitchen, bath or building an addition on to your home, you might begin by collecting magazine clippings from House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, etc. This is the “old school” method.

Now, Pinterest can do the same thing, but not leave you with the mess on your desk, or the struggle to find the clippings that seemed so important when cut, but now are buried in a manila folder under a pile of junk mail.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site that can help you gather ideas, photos and information for any and all home projects you care to tackle.*

And what’s more, Pinterest can help you store these items “virtually” so that all it takes to retrieve your archived items is access to the internet.

Quite simply, think of Pinterest as a “virtual” bulletin board where you may “pin” as many ideas as you have on boards labeled for each of your interests.

If you are new to Pinterest, use this link to access the ReNew Creations Pinterest Bulletin Boards.

Once there you can see many “blocks” or bulletin boards for various items that we’ve “Pinned.” These include: Kitchen Ideas, Bathroom Ideas, Outdoor Living Ideas, Color Schemes . . .

How to use Pinterest and “Pin” the projects you like

If you “double-click” on Kitchen Ideas, you will go to that Bulletin Board and be able to view the various “Pins” that are there. These are provided to serve as inspiration for your Kitchen Update or Remodel by our company ReNew Creations LLC. Each “Pin” features a photo and a short description about what that pin contains. If you “double-click” on any pin, you will be brought to the website that holds the information for the pin itself. Click on a few pins, explore, get comfortable with this concept of looking at pins that interest you.

If this concept interests you, you may wish to join Pinterest and become one of the ever-growing group of Pinterest “Pinners.” Here is a link to help you get started. Press the “Red” Sign Up button to join. Please note, you will need an email address to do so and will be asked to create a “password” to start your own account. (You can also do this with a Facebook account.)

Once you’ve joined the ranks of Pinterest enthusiasts, start perusing this amazing network of ideas and interests. If you want to see something specific, utilize the upper left “search” box and type in your home project type. When you hit “enter” you will see a wide array of “Pins” that represent this interest. When you find one you like, click on the “Pin It” block in the upper left corner and assign it to a bulletin board on your account. Note: You will have to “create” each board as you get started, but once you have a board started, you can pin any number of “Pins” to it and keep all your Home Project Ideas in one very convenient place.

If you would like to see what types of Pins are popular on Pinterest, click on the box in the upper left corner of the screen that contains 3 horizontal lines. This will offer you a “drop-down” menu of many categories for Pins. You might find “Home Decor” very helpful in your search, simply “click” on it and start pinning.

Following Pinterest Boards

You might find yourself wanting to “follow” the ReNew Creations Pinterest Board; meaning that each time you log into Pinterest you will see the latest pins we find interesting. To follow us: go to the search box in the upper left corner of the page. Type in “ReNew Creations LLC” and click enter. Then click on “Piners” and you will be taken to a page that shows our ReNew Creations Pinterest Page. Once there, click “Follow” and our pins will automatically appear on your “news feed” each time you log in to Pinterest.

When you have amassed a nice collection of “Pins” for your Home Improvement Project, call ReNew Creations (360) 253-2000. We’d love to discuss your ideas, review your “Pins” and see how we can best take your “virtual” ideas to make them a reality.

We hope you have found this blog entry of “Pinterest!”

Happy Pinning! Kristi

*Note, Pinterest is not limited to home project ideas, it can and will contain any number of interests and information pertinent to you. For purposes of this article, we concentrated on Home Projects.