You’ve Put It Off Long Enough . . . Your Remodeled Kitchen That is

2017 is YOUR year—the year you FINALLY get the remodeled kitchen of your dreams!

You’ve lived in your house “X” number of years and you –

  • Love the neighborhood
  • Love the community
  • Love your yard and garden

But . . . you could use some help when it comes to your kitchen.

Which one of these situations applies?

  • Need more counter space – and “an island would be fantastic”?
  • Need updated appliances – rather than “limping” along with ones that are outdated and on their last legs?
  • Need new cabinetry that fits not only your cooking/baking essentials but also has a “touch of style” and makes the kitchen a place of beauty?
  • Need countertops that better suit your use – granite? Or quartz perhaps?
  • Need a sink that is no longer chipped or of a size and shape that better suits your needs?
  • Need a space that can accommodate another person or persons to join you in your next culinary adventure?

Regardless of your need and/or desire, ReNew Creations can help!

Our Team Specializes in Remodeled Kitchens

Our Design/Build team can do just that. We will sit down with you, discuss your needs, assess your wants, and create a budget with your input and limitations. Then, we’ll design the kitchen of your dreams and provide you with a 3-D computer generated rendition of it for your review. We’ll walk you through it and create a schedule to begin and end work that fits both your calendar and ours. Then with your approval and input, we’ll build a remodeled kitchen to suit your home, life and style.

Along the way, we’ll communicate clearly with you – answer questions and take care of you and your family to ensure that you feel good about this change in your home. You will know what is taking place and when it will be completed. We have software (much like Facebook) where you can ask questions, get answers and we can also communicate the particulars of your job and even detail the costs— up to the minute so you know how much quartz countertops vs. granite might be, for example. Through this software application (both smartphone and tablet accessible) we will keep track of the decisions and selections that you have made so that your paint color, cabinet knobs, cabinetry style, and all the other decisions are captured and readily accessible to the folks that need them to complete your new kitchen.

Each day of your project, you can rest assured that ReNew Creations has your “back” and is doing everything we can to make good on our promise of being: On Target, On Budget, and On Time. Providing you with a remodeled kitchen that is “Built Right.”

ReNew Creations LLC does business in southwest Washington and is very familiar with Vancouver, Brush Prairie, Hockinson, Ridgefield, Camas, Felida, Mount Vista, Salmon Creek, Barberton, Battle Ground, LaCenter, Meadow Glade and Mill Plain. We would love to help you make your house the home of your dreams.

Our work is not limited to kitchens. We can remodel your bath, put an addition on your home to expand its possibilities and even build something from the ground up! We have over 25 years of experience building in Clark County, WA, which we would like to put to use for you.

Contact us today!