National Association of Home Builders and Qualified Remodeler honors Renew Creations.

Every month, the National Association of Home Builders recognizes a local and active remodeler for their outstanding recent work, quality of customer service, involvement in the community, and a constant eye on helping the home building and remodeling industry. For March of 2018, NAHB awarded Dave Myllymaki and Renew Creations with the honor. In addition to the award, Myllymaki was featured in Qualified Remodeler, a magazine that services the remodeling and home improvement fields. In the Q and A session for the magazine, Myllymaki discusses how he got into the remodeling career, the direction of his business and industry as a whole, and the most important thing in his office.

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With more than 140,000 members nationwide, the NAHB works towards housing opportunities for all as well as personal and professional success for all of their homebuilders. According to the NAHB, its members are responsible for building about 80% of the new homes built in the United State.

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