Boy have we been busy! You know that scurry of activity before you have guests over at your home? At ReNew Creations, we’ve experienced a similar excitement and burst of busy-ness as we prepare to open our doors to you – our potential customers.

We’ve been busy with fun and energizing activities, like creating a logo (ya gotta like the Seahawk-like colors), building a website (not bad huh? – it is a work in progress – and we can’t wait to show you more), and basically getting all our ducks in a row to be ready for the production side of business. We’ve also worked through the not so exciting, but vital aspects like insurance, licenses, budgets, etc. So now, we are ready – – – and look forward to meeting you and learning more about the dreams you have for your home.

My husband Dave has a wealth of experience in construction and remodeling. He’s antsy to fire up the ReNew Creations work truck and get down to the business of building. (Too many full days in the office working on administrative details will do that to him.)

So, tell us your dream and we’ll make it come true! (Please only home improvement related dreams, okay?)

Would you like a facelift for you kitchen? What do you envision – granite countertops or ceramic or something else? Need an island to streamline your workspace there? Not sure what you want? We can help.

Thinking you would love a Master Bath? Or perhaps one that will service a household of teens or soon-to-be-teens? We can help here as well. There are so many new ideas for bathrooms – that I’m sure we can find something to 1) meet your needs, 2) fit your budget, and 3) increase the overall value of your home. Check out our Pinterest link.

Got any projects you need completed before the best time in the Pacific Northwest – Summer? Let us create a design to update your patio or deck and make a unique Inside Out Living space for the outdoors. Such plans are sure to get all of us through the remaining wet days of Spring.

Tell us your ideas, your current frustrations and together we can craft the best solution. What’s better, we will be – On Target, On Budget and On Time. You can count on ReNew Creations.

Dave & I are ready to take care of you and your project. Call us today!

ReNew is Ready for YOU!