Everyone’s kitchen remodel is different, but we’ve assembled some tips and hints to help you plan for, and then live through your Kitchen Remodel. With a little planning, you can have fun while waiting for your new Kitchen to be complete.

Please apply these tips and hints as they pertain to you and your home. Everyone’s lifestyle is unique. How a retired couple lives through a Kitchen Remodel will vary greatly from a family of 6 with Little League practice 3 nights a week.

Our hope is that these hints and tips will help you “think outside the kitchen!”

Plan and Prepare for your Kitchen Remodel

  • If you’re going to have a freezer during the remodel, make some meals ahead of time and freeze them in smaller portions. This way you can defrost single-meal portions and reheat them in the microwave. Check out ReNew Creations Pinterest page for ideas and recipes.
  • Assemble lists of local Quick Service and Drive-thru Restaurants near your home or on your way home from work. Ask family members what they would like as a “standing order” – so in a pinch you can cover all your bases and feed your family.
  • Consider offering a friend/family member/or neighbor a home-cooked meal in exchange for using their kitchen. If you bring the food and the fixings, they will probably be delighted.
  • Look at your grocery store with an eye for convenience. What do they offer that you can utilize for a quick meal? Rotisserie Chicken, Salad Bar, Soups, Hot Deli, etc.
  • Start clipping restaurant and take-out coupons before your remodel starts. If you plan and budget for dining out you’ll have more money to invest in your remodel. This is a great time to utilize restaurant gift cards that have taken up residence in your wallet.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

It would be IDEAL to have a RV/Camper with kitchen parked in your driveway during your remodel – but barring that, here are our tips to setting up a temporary kitchen.

Determine what room works best – the garage, basement, utility room? A room with a sink is ideal. (Your contractor might be able to help you identify what might work best.)

Is it possible to use some of your old cabinets in this temporary space? If not, designate an alternative surface for your kitchen work area.

Plastic storage bins are useful to store the minimal items you will need during the remodel. You may also find it helpful to purchase a small set of plastic drawers to outfit your temporary kitchen. Both the bins and drawers can be sealed to keep your kitchen items clean. Label the drawers and bins for ease of use.

Determine what appliances (both large and small) you can use in a temporary location during your remodel:

  • Refrigerator – must be moved to another room (no water/ice hook ups will be available)
  • Microwave – vital!
  • Crock Pot
  • Toaster/Toaster Oven
  • Coffee Maker
  • Electric Frypan
  • Electric Pancake Griddle/Waffle Iron
  • Panini Sandwich Press or George Foreman Grill – can be helpful for a quick hot meal – with little investment
  • Blender – helpful if you enjoy breakfast smoothies

Plan on utilizing your Barbeque Grill and/or Camp Stove. Pots and pans can be used on a grill if the bottom and outsides are first rubbed with a bar of soap. This allows the black soot to easily wash off.

Will you need a table & chairs for your meals? Or will you eat off vintage TV trays in your living room and dream of days gone by? How about spreading a plastic tablecloth on your floor for a great picnic regardless of weather?

Determine what pots, pans, plates bowls, cups & utensils you will need for your remodel. You may find you can “get by” with one place setting for each person and augment these with paper products – should you desire.

Some items that may come in handy are: kitchen knives, cutting boards, can opener, ice cream scoop, serving utensils, spatula, wire whip, tongs, pot holders, salt & pepper, additional seasonings that you can’t live without. (You might want to set aside the items you use in the week prior to your remodel to ensure you will have what you need and use regularly.)

Don’t forget – Dishtowels, dishcloths, dish soap and even a plastic dishpan and paper towels. Washing up can take place in a bathroom sink or even in a tub.

You will also want a wastebasket for your temporary kitchen.

Meal Preparation

  • Keep It Simple! Convenient! and Easy!
  • Check out ReNew Creations Pinterest bulletin boards for easy meals and crock pot cooking.
  • Consider re-purposing a bookshelf as a temporary pantry for foodstuffs or keep these items in plastic bins as well.
  • Re-heating items in the microwave works well – as there are fewer dishes and clean up is easy.
  • Not sure what to make – Make a Reservation! Go out – get away from your renovation and enjoy time with your loved ones away from home.
  • Pizza! Delivered, take-out or enjoyed in a restaurant. It’s all good.

Pack Up Kitchen Items

  • Box up stuff that you use only occasionally and store it in an out-of-the-way place. If you start now, your kitchen packing will go much faster.
  • Pack up remaining items and store them, as you get closer to your Kitchen Remodel start date.
  • Not sure if you will need something that you are packing from your kitchen – mark one box with “Just-In-Case” and make it accessible should you need one of these items.

Overall, if you plan ahead, be a bit creative and “go with the flow” – your new kitchen will be done before you know it.

We can’t wait to see you in your NEW Kitchen! Kristi