Outbuilding Construction

While much of what ReNew Creations does is built around remodeling, we also have the experience and ability to execute “Fresh Start” construction. Essentially, these are buildings or structures that we begin from the ground up. Not only do we take care of the permitting, but our outbuildings are designed to fit in perfectly with the existing home or neighborhood. Once these outbuildings are constructed, they’ll look they’ve always been there.

Outbuildings can serve many different purposes – from work to play. ReNew Creations is able to add the following outbuildings to your property:

  • Workshops
  • Custom Sheds
  • Barns / Arenas
  • Garage Construction
  • Auxiliary Dwelling Units


Like any of our other projects, we want to know what you will be using your workshop for. Do you work from home, but need somewhere to go away from the home? Or are you a woodworker extraordinaire, building fabulous furniture? We can build workshops that have enough room for your drafting table or your table saw. All can be equipped with power and running water, so you can put in a solid days work without having to leave the shop.

Outbuilding Construction Vancouver WA

Custom Sheds

Custom sheds are ideal for those homeowners who own a lot of – or a little – property as well as a lot of toys and tools, flowerpots and fertilizer, or decorations and decor and have nowhere to put it. Take the stress off your garage and make getting the things you need more efficient with a custom shed.

Much like our workshops, these sheds can be built in any size you need. A small 10×10 shed with a roll-up door would work perfect for your gardening tools and riding lawnmower, while a much larger shed could be necessary if your thumb is very green. Or maybe you need somewhere to put recreational items – camping and hunting gear, wave-runners, or even a boat that’s weatherproof and secure. Name your need and we’ll construct your custom shed.


Barns / Arenas

ReNew Creations also builds barns or arenas for horse lovers or livestock owners in need of something larger than a shed or workshop projects. Adequate storage, stalls, and exercise areas can all be taken into consideration for these larger buildings, and will be built with the same attention to detail as all of our projects.

Garage Construction Vancouver WA

Garage Construction

For those with very large hobbies – think car aficionados – a large custom garage is the perfect fit. With several bays, even large enough for motorhomes, those with like to tinker with classic hot rods will find all the room they need with a ReNew Creations custom garage. Featuring workbenches, storage space, and plenty of power to run those tools, some of our custom garages also feature bathrooms, offices, and even sleeping quarters.

These custom buildings could also be converted into a man cave or party place for teens – just make sure to take the keys out of the cars.

Auxiliary Dwelling Units

Tiny homes seem to be gaining popularity as home prices steadily grow. For homeowners interested in building a little income property, or having a separate area for mom or dad to move into, auxiliary dwelling units (ADU) could provide the perfect answer. ADUs have all the creature comforts of home – bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living area – just on a smaller scale.

Auxiliary Dwelling Units Vancouver WA