Design Build Remodels

No matter the project, whether a kitchen or bathroom remodel, a room addition, or a whole-home renovation, each involves a lot of planning, scheduling, and meetings. And, For ReNew Creations, the first meeting is the most important. It’s where we find out what you want from the remodel and how we can make it happen. This is your remodel, and we want to see it through your eyes.

Custom Designs

During that first meeting, we want to find out what you need from a remodel. For example, older homeowners may want to plan for the future where mobility issues could come into play. Wheelchair accessible work spaces, cabinets, and appliances will be added to the remodel equation so the kitchen is not only functional now, but a decade down the road as well.

Every want, need, desire, and concern will be addressed in this initial meetings. During the design agreement phase, ReNew Creations will draft the whole project, make changes, and create renderings to give the homeowner an exact idea of what will happen during the remodel and what it will look like when the remodel is done.

Finishing touches on your kitchen or bathroom remodel

Once the design has been completed, the selection process beings. For some, this is the most exciting part of the process, picking the right tile for the bathroom floor or the perfect countertop design for the kitchen. Many homeowners create Pinterest boards of designs, colors, and materials they would like to incorporate into their own remodels. Others need a little more guidance navigating through the selection phase.

Either way, ReNew Creations will bring those thoughts, ideas, and suggestions together for the finished project. Once the selection phases are completed, and the final price has been established it’s time for the project to move forward.

Let the building begin

Using industry leading standard software, the homeowner and ReNew Creations can be in constant communication throughout the project. Questions, suggestions, timelines, and notes are all posted online for viewing 24 hours a day. We work with architects and interior designers to give you the bathroom or kitchen that you have always wanted, using using materials that fit your budget.