Heart of the Home Renovation

Home Remodeling Services

ReNew Creations has decades of experience with remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, master suites, and other parts of the home. Working closely with our clients from the start, we find out what they want from the remodel and turn thoughts and dreams into reality.

What type of home remodel gives you the highest return on your investment?

Almost any home remodel will bring back some kind of return on investment – if it’s done right. ReNew Creations understands what works (and doesn’t work) when it comes to a custom remodel and will incorporate the knowledge into the design process. A $10,000 stove doesn’t make sense in a $200,000 home, while a bargain-bin refrigerator can lower the appeal of a brand new kitchen.

Return on your investment can mean more than what you get back when selling the home. Will a more functional kitchen make the homeowner happier? Will fixing up a bathroom, or even adding another bathroom, improve the lives of the people living there? Certainly, the financial aspects shouldn’t be overlooked, but improving the lifestyle of the homeowner is a major component of any major remodel as well.

As the heart of the home goes, so does the home itself. The kitchen is where family gathers, a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the day. ReNew Creations works with the homeowner to find out how they use the kitchen – as a place to cook gourmet meals, a place to entertain, or a place for the family to come together? These insights help us design the kitchen that best works for the homeowner.

Appliances, floorplans, even planning for future needs are all taken into account when designing a kitchen. Older homeowners may want to think about the functionality of their kitchen a decade from now, when mobility issues could occur. Wider walkways, easy to access cabinets, and compatible appliances work great in any remodel, and could be lifesavers down the road.

A bathroom remodel, or even adding an additional bathroom, can immediately increase the livability of any home – especially in a one-bedroom home. Even turning a single sink into a double vanity can increase the efficiency of the room.

But so much more can be done with a bathroom, and ReNew Creations will work with the homeowner to find the perfect balance of look and function. Tiled showers with multiple spray nozzles, additional storage for toiletries, towels, and toothpaste, and adding a bathroom to the master bedroom to make a dream master suite. ReNew Creations will take the homeowners wants and needs to make the perfect retreat.

Design Build

The design process is the same, whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom remodel. After an initial phone consultation, ReNew Creations will come to the home and find out more about the homeowner. This conversation will answer the following questions:

  1. Know who makes the decisions and how they are going to make them
  2. Know the scope of work
  3. Know the timeline – and make sure it’s realistic
  4. Know the budget

With this information in hand, we can start looking around the home and create a design agreement. Using industry standard software, everything from floorplans to wall colors are discussed and entered into the program that the homeowner has access to. Timelines, changes in appliances, appointments, and everything else can be found in this portal.

Once a design is finalized, a schedule is set, and construction contract is signed, we are ready to go.