Mother In Law Apartment

The Challenge

Homeowners needed a space for wife’s mother to live out her golden years with an addition to their home that tied in seamlessly and would add value to their home for years to come. Mother wanted a living space with modified kitchen, large bedroom, bathroom that served her current needs but also was prepared for a future of lessened mobility.

The Solution

ReNew Creations created this beautiful Granny Apartment Addition that perfectly fits this aging member of the family. The apartment provides easy access to the main house and also offers the Mother privacy with her own Living Quarters, kitchenette, spacious bedroom, closet and Bathroom with full accessibility. ReNew Creations used “Street Smart” styling to tie the addition into the original home and did so to bring it beautiful curb appeal. A front porch, entrance and separate stairs make this apartment one that makes this welcome to guests and its back way ramp make it accessible for future years. This apartment combines both beautiful style and function making a homey addition that works for both the homeowners and the aging parent who lives there.

Awarded Remodelers of Clark County “Favorite Project” for 2017 Remodeled Homes Tour

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